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>Single pole power connectors
> POWERLINE +   Single pole power connectors up to 300 sq mm
> VANTEN HOOK  Single pole power connectors up to 120 sq mm
> LUGIT                  Power cable joining system
Single pole power connectors Powerline plus
Single pole power connectors Powerline plus
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It is intermateable with other versions. The contacts are clip retained. When inserted from the rear they snap into position within the insulator. No cotter/dowel pin or assembly tool is required. Assembly and repair times are reduced (for field assembly also).The inline connectors have heavy duty hand grips. This series complies metric cable glands for cables up to 32mm of dia.(w/out step-up adapters). The inline connectors can carry up to 100mt of 240 sqmm cable. A wide range of devices allows direct connection of a generator cable to a live low voltage busbar.

Typical applications:

. power distribution
. utilities
. electric vehicles
. railway equipments
. military field power
. mobile generators
. load banks
. back-up power systems

General characteristics:

. 500 mating cycles min
. CE compliant
. EN/ESI compliant creepage and clearance distances
. IP68 sealed (when mated)
. UL94 V0 flame retardant insulating material
. cable sizes from 25 to 300sqmm
. set screw and crimp contacts versions
. temperature range: -30°C to +125°C
. mechanically keyed to prevent connection errors
. permanent marking to identify Phase/Line
. EN harmonised colour coding (other extra European colours available on request)
. daisy chain hook up system
. IP2X finger protected contacts for both supply and load connectors

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