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Rolling stock refers to the vehicles that move on a railway. It includes many components and sub-systems for which electrical connections play a vital role. Van System specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality circular connectors for railways applications. A large range of threaded and reverse bayonet connectors derived from MIL-C-5015 specification, and power connectors is proposed.

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ATEX Enviroments

Used in the certain hazardous and potentially explosive environments, these connectors are used in Oil and Gas sector, mining and Power plant industries.

CVB-EX series is derived from MIL-C-5015/VG95234 specifications and our RFCVBS connectors this series of rapid coupling reverse bayonet connector offers extreme versatility.

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Industrial Automation

CV Circular Connectors series is derived to Mil C 5015 specification, which concerns the electrical connectors usually called “MS”.
These connectors have been used for many industrial applications thanks to their versatility, reliability and ease of supply.