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>Single pole power connectors
> POWERLINE +   Single pole power connectors up to 300 sq mm
> VANTEN HOOK  Single pole power connectors up to 120 sq mm
> LUGIT                  Power cable joining system
Single pole power connectors - Lugit series
Single pole power connectors - Lugit series
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Lugit Series is a safe and efficient means patented to make temporary connection / extensions of single core power cables that are pre-terminated with copper lug terminals.
Available in various sizes:
Lugit 120
for lugged cables up to 120
Lugit 300
for lugged cables from 120 to 300

-IP67 grade water resistance guaranteed by special gaskets designed for lugs assembly.
-audible and tactile indication of locking
-secure lock for unwanted / unauthorised release
-phase identification through coloured bands. These are easily removable and replaceable by using a remote tooling.
-different lug sizes can be assembled in the same unit using special accessories.
-quick assembly in approx. 2 minutes without special tools. The system can be disassembled and reused

Typical benefits:
-increase cable utilization
-suitable for temporary connections
-standardize on cable lengths held in stock
-decrease cable purchase
-reduce transportation of cables between sites
-no need for connectors or junction boxes
-daisy chain hook up system

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