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>multipole connectors for industrial applications
> Threaded coupling connectors (MS connectors)
> Bayonet coupling connectors
> Railways and transportation connectors
Railways and Trasportation connectors - Serie RF CVBS and CVBSG
Railways and Trasportation connectors - Serie RF CVBS and CVBSG
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These connectors are a valid solution for utilisation where particular critical conditions and high reliability are requested such as on railway vehicles or transportation in general.
The original CVBS series with bayonet coupling has been therefore modified according to the different requirements. The main modifications are as follows:

. insulating coating of the coupling nut or of the entire connector
. metallic shells in stainless steel or bronze
. plug accessories prearranged for particular cable protection

Contacts have crimp termination and are gold plated.
All non-metallic parts are supplied in a special flame resistant material complying UNIFER E10-02-910.3 and NFF 16-101/102.
Insert arrangements, shell versions and other general characteristics are the same as in CVBS series.

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