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>multipole connectors for industrial applications
> Threaded coupling connectors (MS connectors)
> Bayonet coupling connectors
 . CVB series
 . CVBS and CVBR series
> Railways and transportation connectors
Bayonet coupling connectors
The bayonet connectors are derived from the threaded series to provide faster coupling and anti-vibration resistance.In the series CVB, CVBS and CVBR the coupling system is composed of 3 bayonet ramps machined on the external side of the receptacle connector and 3 stainless steel studs mounted inside the plug connector’s coupling nut.

The advantages that derive are:

. Fast coupling and uncoupling (To mate connectors rotate coupling-nut 120° only)
. Improved reliability (Audible, visible and tactile mating)
. Resistance to loosening of the coupling nut also in vibration or impact condition
. IP67 waterproof protection when connectors are mated
. High number of mating cycles

There are:

. Various shell styles: panel receptacles (front and back mounting), jam nut receptacles, wall receptacles, cable connecting plugs, straight plugs, 90° plugs).
. Plug’s coupling nut in different grip versions: standard, for working gloves and rubber coated
. Shell sizes: 10SL - 14S - 16S - 16 - 18 - 20 - 22 - 24 - 28 - 32 - 36 - 40
. Insulating insert arrangements from 1 to 201 contacts
. Solder or crimp contacts in AWG sizes from 20 to 0
. Contacts in thermocouple alloy
. Coaxial contacts
. Wide range of classes for single, multi pole and shielded wires or for any kind of jacketed hose.
. Extensive series of accessories

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